About AIDA

AIDA world and AIDA-US members include far more than policyholder and defense attorneys.  Its members include academia focused on insurance, insurers, brokers, students, judges, and regulators.

AIDA the US Chapter

AIDA-US is the United States chapter which provides a forum for discussion of any topic of insurance or insurance law, considering and discussing matters of interest to those in the US and North America.  We add value to members through these regional, national and international affiliations affording opportunities to develop relationships, foster constructive industry dialogue and again, and promote insurance law education.  Our goal is to improve the understanding of insurance law and the insurance industry though our education initiatives and raise awareness of issues that impact insurance law and the insurance industry through informed commentary.

AIDA and AIDA-US in conjunction with certain other AIDA Chapters has already co-sponsored significant events in Switzerland and Singapore.

AIDA US supports the upcoming Word Congress in Brazil and is committed to full support of the quadrennial AIDA World Congresses going forward.  As a member of the Presidential Council and Working Parties, AIDA US will play an integral role in these events as well.


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